Monday, May 27, 2013

3-13-13 WOSO Commentary

It seems that every new administration faced with the need to raise funds comes up with the strategy of offering an amnesty. This administration is headed in the same direction.

I am totally against further amnesties for the following three reasons:

First of all, I am convinced that there are citizens out there that accumulate debts in order to pay when the periodic amnesty appears. I would call them amnesty payers. Others who are relatively up to date stop paying pending invoices in order to take advantage of the amnesty law.

Secondly, amnesties are unfair to those who timely comply with their obligations and this unfairness will lead some to not be as responsible.

Thirdly, if we want a society of law and order, then we have to enforce strict compliance with all our laws.

Bottom line, amnesties hurt Government cash flows in the long run, incentivate irresponsibility, and do great harm to the creation of a society of law and order. 

In closing, I want to clarify that my anti amnesty position is not to say that tax evaders who voluntarily come forward, or taxpayers who are facing financial hardships, should not be able to negotiate reasonable plans in accordance with the particular facts of each case.   

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