Monday, May 27, 2013

Escuela Nueva Juan Ponce de Leon
5-12-12 WOSO Commentary

My interview with Ana María Garcia that you just heard was in April and a few weeks ago I had the opportunity of visiting the school again in connection with an open house they were celebrating. During the tour of the school two things stood out. First of all there was great order and everyone spoke in a very low tone. After the tour I was explaining to my sixth grade tour guide the Model UN Program and another student guide standing nearby very respectfully requested that I lower the volume of my voice. In other words, I was being taught a Montessori lesson. Incidentally, my guide has already contacted me for further information and by coincidence,  her e-mail arrived while I was attending the Model UN Conference at the Cayey campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

The second thing that stood out was there ambitious goals to take the school to the next level with new programs in art and music, after school and summer camp, as well as new buildings.  There was a presentation on some of the programs and buildings the school needed and we were asked to become Friends of the School.

Besides the School in Barrio Juan Domingo, Ana María is also involved in spreading the successful formula to other public schools throughout Puerto Rico and so she also needs support in this endeavor developing tutors and teachers in the Montessori system and educating on how the schools need to fully integrate with its community.

Many of us are looking for concrete ways in which we can help our community and this is one. You can contact the school at 787 512 6494 and the foundation via its web site at

For information on the Model UN Program for the public school children, you can contact me at 787 587 9957 or access our web site, UNA USA PR.Org.

Get involved; don’t sit on the sidelines or bleachers; become a player in helping improve our community.

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