Monday, May 27, 2013

Punctuality in Puerto Rico
4-10-13 WOSO Commentary

In my commentary of last week I praised my dentist Cuco Somoza for giving and punctually honoring medical appointments thereby going against the general medical practice in Puerto Rico of giving appointments on a first come first serve basis.

A person who heard last week’s commentary remarked that we Puerto Ricans are not punctual. I wholeheartedly disagree. Let me give you some examples.

Puerto Rico Symphony concerts start on time and those who are a few minutes late sit out in the lobby missing the first of three pieces that make up the program. Few people are late. Compare this with the popular music concerts at the Choliseo that one never knows when they will start other than that they will not start on time

The same thing happens in churches. Few arrive late when the priest makes it a habit to  begin the mass punctually. In those churches in which the priest gives latecomers the opportunity to arrive, the churchgoers come in later the next time, the priest waits longer, and one never knows the real starting time.

San Juan Rotary Tuesday luncheons start punctually at 12:30 and end at 1:30. There is rarely a latecomer.

Our family business Board starts punctually at 7 am with all 13 persons from management and the Board present at the agreed time.

Puerto Rico passengers arrive on time for their flights since we know the flight will leave without us and there will be personal inconveniences and monetary consequences.   

I could go on with many other examples indicative that the immense majority of  patients in Puerto Rico will be punctual if appointments are scheduled and honored by the doctor with consequences for those who are late, or do not show up at all. 

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