Monday, May 27, 2013

New Year’s 2013 – Resolutions
1-2-13 WOSO Commentary

Did you have personal and business resolutions for 2012? How did you do? I read the other day that we do not meet 90% of our New Year resolutions.  Not a very good success rate, right?

Of course, the main reason for not fulfilling our resolutions is probably the lack of sustained effort, but utilizing my weight goal of 155, there are other possible reasons.

First of all, is the goal concrete and measurable? That I will lose weight is too vague and certainly not measurable.

Secondly, is the goal realistic? From 197 pounds five years ago I had reached 160 when I established this new goal of 155 for the Monday before Thanksgiving (I weigh myself once a week each Monday prior to exercising and breakfast and jot down my weight).  It was going to be tough because I do not remember ever weighing 155, but given where I was, it was going to be tough but achievable.

Thirdly, is there a concrete strategy to achieve the goal? My forty pound weight loss over five years has been based on eating less, eating healthier and doing more exercise. No fad diets. At no time did I shoot for huge weight loss. Initially, the strategy was to lose no more than 1 pound a week. I would also have 6 month periods with the goal of maintaining the newly achieved weight level. This last goal of 155 pounds was 5 pounds over 6 months. The strategy was the same - eat less, eat healthier and do more exercise.  

Finally, the commitment has to be complete. Frankly, at the beginning of November, I did not think I was going to achieve the 155 goal because trips in September to England and Ireland and in October to Vermont, resulted in my going up to around 167 pounds. Only pride and commitment permitted my weighing 154.4 on Monday, November 26th.

I hope you were successful in your 2012 goals and I hope you have new goals for 2013 that are concrete, measurable, and realistic. I trust you have a concrete strategy for meeting your goals and finally I pray you have the commitment to fulfill them.

Hopefully, at the end of 2013 you will be among the 10% who met their goals. Now that is an achievement, right?  

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