Monday, May 27, 2013

3-17-13 WOSO Commentary

Bilingualism is one of those things that we in Puerto Rico should all be for and yet we cannot unite to accomplish something that is clearly good for everyone. .  

For some unexplained reason the NPP has never successfully implemented the vision of a bilingual Puerto Rico. Is not the ability to speak English well a necessary step if we are to become a State? 

If I headed the Popular Democratic Party and wanted to win over some of the statehood advocates and the undecided votes, would not a successful program to have everyone learn English be a real plus?  

English is the global language of commerce and at least for the forseeable future, the most important language to know if one wants to communicate with others around the world.  I will never forget approaching a discussion of business lawyers from the Scandanavian countries and discovering that the conversation was in English.

We want to attract vistitos to Puerto Rico and yet our road signs are exclusively in Spanish, even those signs that point out an imminent danger for the driver.

I know that bilingualism cannot be accomplished overnight, but what baffles me is that no attempts have been made to reach a consensus on the topic nor to start implementing in a major way such a vision. For the good of our children, I hope we can reach a consensus soon on this.

Este es Jorge Gonzalez deseando que pases un buen dïa!  

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