Monday, May 27, 2013

5-1-12 WOSO Commentary

Politically speaking, there are three forces in Puerto Rico that create the silo effect whereby there is little or no dialogue in terms of working together towards the common good.

The first are the political parties themselves who look fully within to satisfy the core base and reject any dialogue with those outside their party, In fact, should a leader meet and dialogue with the opposition as Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi recently did with the Governor that core political party group gangs up on the politician to argue that this weakens their party and strengthens the opposition. 

The second related force are those radio and television programs that cater to specific political groups so that the listeners are only interested in hearing their side of the story on why they are right and the other side is wrong.  

The third force are the lobbying silo groups with substantial funding and voting clout.   

Incidentally, the US suffers from these same three forces that create and maintain the silos impeding dialogue that would result in common sense, middle ground positions that everyone can live with and that allow us to go forward.

This is Jorge Gonzalez hoping you avoid the silos. 

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