Monday, May 27, 2013

4-24-13 WOSO Commentary

Don’t we all wonder what really brings happiness and well-being?

A few weeks ago, a University of Pennsylvania Wharton study by Dr. Albert Mannes concluded that, and I quote, “Bald men are perceived as more masculine, dominant and possessed of more leadership skills.” They are also perceived as more responsible and sure of themselves.

That same Yahoo web site day also had a report on the 2012 State of Well-Being by the Healthway Gallup Series regarding who in the US were the happiest based on a number of criteria.

Utilizing a composite of top ranking criteria, the happiest person would be a tall, Asian American, 65 years or older, resident of Hawaii, married with children, religious, and a business owner earning more than $120,000 per year.

As a short, bald, Hispanic, I find the tall, Asian American and dark hair criteria completely superficial, especially when it is contradicted by the eminent Wharton study on the benefits of baldness published that same day.

You can argue that the other criteria are also superficial, but since I believe Puerto Rico and Hawaii have a lot in common and I generally meet the other criteria, I am personally happy to know that I have a right to be happy.

This is Jorge Gonzalez wishing you happiness and well-being.

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